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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saying So Much by Saying So Little.

You sigh,
Sighing like the whole world
Has given up,
But you know what's in your heart,
Everything that you dream of;
Shall not just slip away to waste.

You laugh,
Laughing like the whole world has had enough,
But you are what you adore
Everything so much,
Shall move the hardest hearts to tears.

You run,
Running like the whole world has left you out
And you can see just how far.
We've reached a point and our
Hearts can bear no more.

You weep,
Weeping like the world has started to reek.
There are some things you can't ignore.
What you want is not sure, so what's all this for?

You wish,
Wishing that the whole world.
Can you have some peace?
You need a nap, you're tired
You're getting lost in fights.
So lean on me, it's fine

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