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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tag dari Arriel Jackvell

9 Things I Love You.

I love it when you laugh when I am mad
I love it when you send me thousands messages when I don’t reply
I love it when you’re mad if I didn’t answer your call
I love it when you hug me till the morning
I love it when you read my mind
I love it when you’re mad for things you shouldn’t have
I love it when you tell me everything
I love it when you say those three words
I love it when you love me

Happy Anniversary Baby!
Yesh, finally we've been together 4 1 years. Im happy to be wif ue dear, ue meant everything 4 me..
Tengs 4 b my lebly partner, hope ue'll be ma partner 4eva n eva b! Syg will owiyz luf ue coz ue r ma baby luf. Once I said I LOVE YOU, i really meant it and I dun want to break it... Believe me dear, ure ma ony 1. I'll stick to ue whenever n ever, till we can get marry!
Aminn, Aminn, Aminn..

I Love You, Junaidin


arriel jackvell said...

heyya, I just noticed that someone grabbed my post eh.. gagaaa.. I just noticed that u got a blog page too eh? that's cool !

cucu dollah said...

i fofularkan nama ue gak an.
juz 4 fun la dear.
bukan paper pun blog nieyh! hahaha