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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Neu Year!!

Can i startin it wif "Salam Hijrah" ?
we need changes ayte in our lyfe..
ya great!!
Act ended of 2008 is not too bad 4 me.. ^-^
bad luck, is 1 of de barrier to us how is de way we 1 to solve it..
and i still hav a luck kayh! Ahaa...
I got an excellent result 4 ma last final, Tanks god!! It makes me smile 4 de bad days dat i hav! :)
Dats a lot ting happen to me n ma famili..
but de end, ahaa GREAT!

so now life must be go on,
2009 is around de corner,
Ci go 4 National Service, Afiq hav to back to hostel, n me kena blik PHG!!!
Great tyme, i luv to been there! :P

Salam Hijrah 4 all Muslim's,
n Happy Neu Year to all!!!

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